What's Your TEGNER Activity Score?

What's Your TEGNER Activity Score?

How the Tegner Score Can Help Us Design A Personalized Sportsmedicine Treatment and Recovery Program for You

Chances are you haven't heard of the Tegner Score. That's okay....you have now! So let's get past this awkward introduction and talk about how the Tegner Score (AKA The Tegner Activity Level Scale) can hep you make your sportsmedicine treatment better by providing a treatment plan and recovery strategy that is tailored to the lifestyle that you want to live. 



The Tegner scale is basically a form that lists the "level" of activity that you want to be at.  Based on that, we can ascertain what the best treatment plan of action for you is. It's kind of a simple concept, but a bit profound in it's approach-- instead of merely seeking to help you live a pain-free lifestyle, we actually want to help you continue to do the activities that you love to do at a high level. For more on this check out my recent post on Activity Preservation.

Now that we've talked about what the Tegner Score is, let's touch on the different levels. 

Level 10

Competitive sports- soccer, football, rugby (national elite)

Level 9

Competitive sports- soccer, football,  rugby (lower divisions), ice hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, basketball.

Level 8

Competitive sports- racquetball or bandy, squash or badminton, track and field athletics (jumping, etc.), down-hill skiing

Level 7

Competitive sports- tennis, running, motorcars speedway, handball Recreational sports- soccer, football, rugby, bandy, ice hockey, basketball, squash, racquetball, running

Level 6

Recreational sports- tennis and badminton, handball, racquetball, down-hill skiing, jogging at least 5 times per week

Level 5

Work- heavy labor (construction, etc.) Competitive sports- cycling, cross-country skiing, Recreational sports- jogging on uneven ground at least twice weekly

Level 4

Work- moderately heavy labor (e.g. truck driving, etc.)

Level 3

Work- light labor (nursing, etc.)

Level 2

Work- light labor Walking on uneven ground possible, but impossible to back pack or hike

Level 1

Work- sedentary (secretarial, etc.) Level 0 Sick leave or disability pension because of knee problems

Now that you know all about the Tegner Activity Scale, here's a video explaining how I use it with my patients. 

What's your Tegner Activity Score? Dr. Sterett talks about how knowing your Tegner Score can help your orthopedic surgeon to personalize your treatment for maximum Activity Preservation. (To download your Tegner Score sheet click here)

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