Why does your knee hurt?

Why does your knee hurt?

You can't get around it- being mobile depends on having strong, healthy knees. Our knees are a key component of living an active lifestyle, and when you start experiencing pain in your knee, it's time to pay attention. 

Knee Pain - It Doesn't Just Impact Athletes

Some people think that only professional athletes experience knee pain due to the immense pressure they put on the joint, but in reality, anyone may experience knee pain. 

And although the pros are more likely to visit the operating room because of the frequent twisting, jumping, running and spinning they engage in, you don't even have to be an athlete to experience knee problems.

Your Knees are Crucial For Everyday and Athletic Mobility

The knees are crucial for mobility in both everyday life and in athletics.  Of course, someone who is more active in high-level athletics may be more likely to incur a serious knee injury due to the sometimes immense strain put on the knees.  

Having Knee Pain?

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are having some knee pain and you need to know why it may be happening. So here you go...

3 Common Causes of Knee Pain


1. Injury

Pain is the body's signal that something is wrong. And although it makes us uncomfortable, it's crucial to letting us know that we have a problem spot. 

If you are dealing with an injury, chances are that you will either experience some sort of direct trauma, followed by immediate pain.

Or, you may experience pain and swelling not directly after, but soon after the trauma. 

Whatever the case, in many cases, an injured knee is a painful knee. 

What can cause an injury? 

  • A direct blow to the knee

  • Planting the leg and twisting awkwardly

  • Falling and twisting the knee

2. Overusing Your Knee

Sometimes you can experience pain in your knees due to consistent use overuse.

Even in everyday life (working, lifting, parenting, being generally active), the knees take up much of the burden. 

Also, playing recreational sports which require running, jumping, accelerating, and turning may result in long-term wear and tear that will cause pain.

3. An Underlying Condition Such As Arthritis

You've probably heard the term "Arthritis".  What exactly does this mean?

Arthritis is the phenomenon of bone rubbing on bone. Once the cartilage in the knee is gone, arthritis will become a factor, leading to knee pain.

Arthritis can be caused by osteoarthritis (OA), which is a progressive condition. A person with osteoarthritis will experience a slow degradation of joint cartilage. 

You may have also heard of Rheumatoid arthritis. This particular condition is an inflammatory condition, and you can experience this at any age.

Here's a link to alternative arthritis treatments.

So Now What?

Now that you've identified the cause of you knee pain, you should monitor it closely. I always recommend talking to your knee specialist to evaluate your specific case.

Good luck!

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