The Teddy Bridgewater Knee Injury and Incredible Recovery

The Teddy Bridgewater Knee Injury and Incredible Recovery

(Note: scroll to the end section of this article for the latest updates on Teddy Bridgewater's return from his knee injury.)

The Teddy Bridgewater Knee Injury - What Happened?

During preseason before his second year Minnesota Viking's quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered what has quickly become one of the most infamous pro sports knee injuries in recent history, both for its unusual circumstances and its stunning severity. So what's the current outlook for the Vikings' Quarterback?

Here's what happened, what the outlook at the time of injury was, and how recovery is going for Bridgewater as he attempts a valiant comeback.

How Did Teddy Bridgewater injure His Knee?

On Aug. 30, 2016, Bridgewater dislocated his knee and tore several ligaments, including the ACL, when he went down during a noncontact drill at practice.

Part of the growing legend that accompanies Bridgewater's particular injury was just how stunning it was. There have been plenty of articles written about the gruesome nature of this freak accident, but the Vikings organization has tastefully decided to quarantine all available video and photography of the actual event.

A Non-Contact Injury

Bridgewater's injury was a rare (but certainly not unheard of) case of a football player injuring their knee in a non-contact situation. Players and coaches, though reluctant to speak much about the injury out of respect for Bridgewater, have said that Bridgewater dropped back to pass during a drill and tripped awkwardly. The result: the knee dislocated, causing multiple torn ligaments to Bridgewater's entire leg (including a torn ACL).

what was the original outlook for teddy bridewater's knee injury?

Not good. In fact, the injury was considered so bad that some media outlets reported that Bridgewater might lose his leg. Scary. Immediately following the injury, the team actually called 911 in order to get an ambulance to the scene ASAP. Talk about severe...

Clearly Bridgewater did not lose his leg, but he was rushed into surgery and operated on immediately in Dallas, undergoing a multi-ligament reconstruction. Directly after the successful surgery the Viking's SportsMedicine team issued this statement:

“Teddy Bridgewater had his left knee surgically repaired yesterday. The procedure was performed by Dr. Dan Cooper at the Carrell Clinic in Dallas, TX. The knee dislocation resulted in Teddy needing a multi-ligament reconstruction....the repair was excellent and gives Teddy every reason to be very optimistic.

Teddy already began the rehab process yesterday, will return to Minnesota to continue on the road to recovery very soon and looks forward to getting back on the field.

-Vikings Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman “

What's the Latest Updates on Teddy Bridgewater's Knee Injury?

Bridgewater has undergone an inspirational fight to return to full health and win back his starting job as the Vikings QB. All indications point to a full recovery:

For an up-to-date report (as of Sept. 07 2017) on this let's go to Minnesota. Here's the latest According to website Vikings 24/7:

"Teddy Bridgewater was officially placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list during the Minnesota Vikings' announcement of their 53-man roster on Saturday afternoon. Now that we have seen that development play out, there is a clearer idea of his possible return to the field.

Due to the PUP designation, Bridgewater will now be forced to miss the first six weeks of the regular season where he is unable to be activated. This gives him time to continue his recovery and ease his way back in to the fold for the Vikings." 

-Anthony Broome, of Vikings 24/7

What's Next For Teddy Bridgewater?

As mentioned, the hope is that Bridgewater will return after week six of the 2017 season and be ready for the possibility of playing. Luckily for the Vikings, Quarterback Sam Bradford has done an admirable job stepping in as the starter since the Vikes traded for him following Bridgewater's injury.

However, for Vikings fans, there is a palpable sense of hope and optimism that Bridgewater will fully return from his injury to lead the team to great things.

We'll keep this article updated as the season progresses.

Good luck Teddy!

Update: Sept. 19, 2107

According to the Vikings Bridgewater will return midseason, when he is expected to be taken off the Physically Unable to Perform List.  This is great news for the Vikings fans, and as always we're hoping Teddy's Recovery continues to progress-- he's become an inspirational figure during this ordeal.

Here's a link to the article:

teddy bridgewater knee injuryUPDATE NOV 21 2017

He's back! In a year rife with bad injury news in the NFL, Teddy's story stands out as a bright spot, as he is now part of the Vikings active roster, currently serving as the backup QB.

What a great moment to see him back on the sideline after all he's gone through.

So why isn't he playing yet? Well, surprisingly, the Vikings are currently enjoying one of their best seasons in years, and current starting quarterback Case Keenum is overseeing their good run of form. 


Chances are that we'll see Teddy back on the field at some point this year, even if it's in a limited role during garbage time. Whatever the circumstances, it'll be must-watch tv when he gets back onto the field.

teddy bridgewater UPDATE - JULY 08 2017

Teddy is getting a second chance - it just won't be with the Vikings. Back to full health, Bridgewater was signed by the New York Jets in the offseason. Although the Jets also have Josh McCown and drafted their "quarterback of the future" in Sam Darnold, Teddy will indeed have a chance to win the starting job. The bright spotlight of New York can be withering, and many young quarterbacks have been eaten up and spit out by the Jets franchise. However, with the ordeal that Teddy has been through the past couple of years, we're sure it won't even faze him.

Let's recap what's happened the last year for Teddy Bridgewater:

2017 - minnesota Vikings

Almost two years after his infamous knee injury, Teddy finally made it back onto the field, albeit during the end of an inconsequential game. Although he didn't make an impact, it was a triumph of the human spirit to even make it back onto the field.

2018 - What Will Happen with the Jets?

The NFL is a fickle league, and has no time for guys who don't perform. But if Teddy can show the promise that made him such a tantalizing talent before his knee injury, he may be able to win a spot on the Jets roster, or even win the starting spot.

As always, we're rooting for Bridgewater to be successful, as we think he's one of the finest examples of overcoming the obstacles that come with a major knee injury. 

Keep up the good work Teddy!

2018 - Teddy Bridgewater Joins The Saints. Problem is, they Have a Pretty good QB!

The Jets traded Teddy to the Saints at the beginning of the season. So while he’s back up to health, he’s now backing up an all-time great! Chances are, we won’t see much of Bridgewater on the field this season—Drew Brees just set the NFL passing record. Ya, he’s not sitting down anytime soon!

However, Teddy is set to hit free agency at the end of this season, and rumors have been swirling that he may be a prime candidate to take over the New Yorks Giants QB position from the aging Eli Manning.

Of course, at this point that’s just wild speculation. Teddy could end up with any team. The point is that it’s amazing he’s made it this far after such a horrible knee injury.

We’ll keep you updated if Teddy gets in the game this year! Whatever happens, his return continues to be an inspiring story.

Teddy Bridgewater Knee Injury Update: Starting QB!

On December 30th, Bridgewater started the game for the New Orleans Saints! The Saints are one of the top teams in the league this year, and Teddy spent most of the season riding the pine behind living legend Drew Brees. 

However, with the playoffs a certainty, the Saints decided to give Bridgewater the start, resting Brees. Although the Saints lost the game, it was amazing to see Teddy take the field as a starter, something many people thought was a pipe dream after the injury.

We'll see where Teddy ends up next year as his incredible comeback continues!

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